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Puerto Rico – General Overview

An amazing and unique blend of Spanish culture, Caribbean flair and American modernism create the unique destination that is Puerto Rico. All the culture that the island offers is complemented by the wonderful scenery and amazing ocean that can be explored. A great location for snorkeling and diving, as well as for those who wish to explore tropical gardens and forest, Puerto Rico offers unending combinations of activities that make up an unforgettable vacation.

Most Popular Beaches

Besides the wonderful beaches offered at the resorts and hotels, there are a number of great public beaches in Puerto Rico that offer a variety of activities. Ocean Park Beach attracts more singles and adults, and is a great location for sunbathing, people watching and swimming, as is Isla Verde Beach to the east. Luquillo Beach east of San Juan is famous for the clear water and soft sand. This beach is lined by beautiful coconut groves and the water is ringed by coral reefs, making the waters smooth. Another great swim spot is the Playa de Ponce which is less crowded than Luquillo and has great swimming conditions year round. Boqueron Beach on the island of Cape Cod offers the best scenery and a wonderful location for scuba. If you are looking for a more secluded beach location, then Rosado Beach is for you.

Traveler Facts

Travel & Transportation

Nearly all travelers arrive in Puerto Rico by air via Luis Muñoz Marín (LMM) International Airport. The airport is located just outside San Juan and receives international flights from all over the world, including the US and UK.

Puerto Rico is also a popular stop for many cruise lines and the majority of them moor in San Juan.

Entry Requirements

Puerto Rico is one of only two exceptions to the new US passport laws. Citizens of the United States can travel to the island without a passport or any other special requirements. Travelers only need a US ID.

Languages Spoken / official language – Spanish is the most commonly spoken language, but English is spoken in most touristy locations and hotels.

Currency – Currency is the US dollar.

Taxes & Tipping -Tipping is similar to that in the United States. You should plan on tipping an additional 15% for any restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.  Hotel rooms include an additional 11% hotel tax and most hotels add an additional 10% service charge. There is no airport departure tax.

Electricity – Electricity is the same as the US and Canada, so no special adapters are required.

Immunizations Health Issues - No immunizations are required to visit Puerto Rico. Travelers should stick with bottled water even though tap water is deemed safe for drinking. 

Puerto Rico Marriage License & Wedding Requirements Information

There is no residency requirement on Puerto Rico. Blood tests are required, however, but they can be performed in the U.S. ten days before the couple arrives in Puerto Rico. The couple will need to have a physical while on the island because a physician in Puerto Rico must sign the marriage license. Additional information is available from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Health Department.

Marriage License Information

Marriage license papers may be requested in writing from the Dept. of Health, Demographic Registry Office, Box 11854, Fernandez Juncos Station, Santurce, PR 00910 (allow 2 months) or call (787) 728-7980.

Both parties must appear at the City Court office to purchase a marriage license. Persons 16-17 years of age must have the consent of their parents or legal guardians to marry. Blood tests are required.

If either party is a citizen or resident of a country other than the U.S, a declaration certifying that he or she is not married must be sworn before a Notary Public or other person authorized to administer paths in that country. This declaration must accompany the application.

If applicable, divorce must be finalized in the state or country where it was granted. A divorced person must provide a ‘certified’ copy of his or her final divorce decree, and a person whose former spouse has died must provide a certified copy of death certificate with a raised seal prior to a marriage license being granted.

Information from:

Tourism Office Information

Puerto Rico Tourism Office

La Princessa Building #2, Paseo La Princessa

Old San Juan, P.R. 00902


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Climate Information (When is the Best Time to Travel)

Puerto Rico is able to boast some of the most unvarying temperatures in the world, with temps staying between 75-85 degrees year round. The hottest time of year, and the wettest, is during August. The coolest weather on the island is in the higher altitude areas of Cordillera. 

High & Low Season for travel - The high season is from mid-December to mid-April and the low season is from mid-April to mid-December.

Map of Puerto Rico

Local Attractions & Must Do’s

If you want to do some sightseeing, the best place to go is Old San Juan where you will see the cobble stone streets and great historic buildings and sites such as the old fort of El Morro. You could also take a nice day trip to El Yunque which is the only rainforest in the United States National Forest System. You will enjoy lush vegetation and amazing wild life you won’t see anywhere in the US. There are also numerous beaches that offer the opportunity to swim, dive and snorkel along with great water sports and fishing opportunities. The country also offers a variety of museums, art galleries, and historical landmarks to explore. You can find a little bit of everything to see and do in Puerto Rico.

Most Popular Hotels

Named one of the best hotels on the island, the Bravo! Beach Hotel offers amazing service and great accommodations for reasonable rates.

The Horned Dorset Primavera is a secluded resort offering suites and villas high on a hillside on the Western shore of Puerto Rico. Not such a value, as some nights can run over $500, but this hotel offers luxurious accommodations you won’t find at some of the more bargain priced hotels.

If you are searching for an all-inclusive resort, try the Copamarina Beach Resort. This beautiful resort is nestled among beautiful, lush vegetation and is actually a former coconut plant.

The Villa Montana Beach Resort offers beautiful villas on a plantation style resort. Prices are reasonable and service is excellent.

If you want a more well known resort, the Hyatt Dorado Beach Resort and Country club is located on the north coast and offers enough amenities that you may never leave hotel property. It includes eight restaurants and a full bar.