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Grenada – General Overview

Grenada is a three island state about 100 miles north of Venezuela. The largest island is Grenada which is 21 miles long and 12 miles wide. There is rich history that accompanies the beauty of the island. There are old plantations and rum distilleries, beaches and coral reefs, black and white sand beaches, and scenery that includes waterfalls, rivers, mountains and rainforests. There are approximately 45 beaches and several national parks. Hiking, biking, bird watching, and waterfall enthusiasts all will find Grenada an exciting adventure.

Most Popular Beaches

Grand Anse Beach – is located on the western side of the island keeping it sheltered and calm. It is a white sand beach and a traveler’s favorite. There is much to offer such as restaurants, hotels, bars, many water sports including scuba diving and is easily accessible.

Morne Rouge Beach – There are no water sports on this beach leaving it to be a quiet relaxing paradise for those that just want to soak up the suns rays. It tends to be warmer here and is ideal for families as the water is fairly shallow.

Pink Gin Beach - lies at the tip of the island and overlooks Point Salines Airport. This beach is more secluded and the sand is a pinkish color with awesome waters. There are all sorts of water sports or you can just sit back and relax.

Traveler Facts

Travel & Transportation

Grenada has an international Airport and offers travel from the US stopping in Puerto Rico, and a direct flight from NY to Grenada via Air Jamaica. BWIA offers flights from NY, Miami and Washington DC to Trinidad connecting on to Grenada.

Air Canada offers connecting flights into Grenada and will sometimes offer daily direct flights to Grenada seasonally.

Travel to Grenada from Europe is best through London. Several airlines have weekly direct flights from London to Grenada.

Travel in Grenada is simple. There are taxis, minibuses, rental cars, and water taxis. Rentals cars require a local drivers license that can be purchased that the rental car place and there are usually age requirements, and its good to purchase their insurance. Water taxis are about $12 and are a pretty short trip but offer views of the harbor and beaches, traveling between Grand Anse Beach and St. George.

Entry Requirements

A valid passport and return or onward ticket is required for all visitors. However, proof of citizenship bearing a photograph is acceptable from British, Canadian and US citizens. Please note however that as mandated by the United States Department of Homeland Security, all US travelers must provide a passport to enter or re-enter the US from both vacation and business travel.

A visa is not required from citizens of the US, Canada, UK, British Commonwealth, most Caribbean countries, most European countries, South Korea, and Japan.

Languages Spoken / official language – English is the official language spoken in Grenada. There is the common French African patois spoken as well.

Currency – Grenada uses the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC) and is fixed against the US dollar at 2.70 EC to $1 USD. US dollars are widely accepted.

Taxes & Tipping - There is an 8% Government tax at hotels and restaurants, and most add a 10% service charge. If the service charge has not been applied to your bill then a 15% tip is appreciated. Taxi drivers receive an additional 10-15% tip over the fare, and porters and bellhops receive $1 per bag.

Electricity – Voltage is 220 – 50 cycles. American appliances will require a transformer, adapter, and converter. Some hotels can provide these, but speak to the staff before traveling.

Immunizations Health Issues - There are no immunizations required to enter Granada. Hepatitis A and B are recommended.

Grenada Marriage License & Wedding Requirements Information

In Grenada the law requires that visitors be resident on the island for a minimum of three (3) days (including weekends and public holidays) before applying for a license. On the third day, the necessary stamp duty and license fees are paid, and an application for a Marriage License is made in person, at the Office of the Prime Minister.

Generally the license is ready within two (2) working days. This maybe slightly longer if either partner is divorced, as documents must then be sent to the Ministry of Legal Affairs.

Documentation Required
Valid Passports
Birth Certificates

Sworn Affidavit (or letter from a Clergy Man, Lawyer or Registry), attesting that neither party has not been married previously

Decree Absolute, for each divorced party
If widowed, the deceased’s Death Certificate
Legal proof if a name was changed by Deed Poll

If under the age of 21, written parental consent by way of an Affidavit from a Lawyer or Notary Public.

All documents must be in English . If the originals are in another language, they must be translated into English and certified NO blood or medical tests are required for marriages in Grenada.

Associated costs*

The cost of marriage applications and licenses is quite inexpensive in Grenada.

EC $10 Marriage License fee

(payable at the Treasury, Ministry of Finance)
EC $15 Stamp

(provided along with the marriage license application and license fee,

to the Prime Minister’s Office)

EC $2   Registration Search Fee

(Payable at the Registry General’s Office)
EC $5   Stamp

(provided to the Registry General’s Office, for placement on the

Certified Marriage Certificate)
Please note that these fees maybe subject to change.
Official Office Locations

Most Government offices are open from 8 am to 4 pm from Monday to Friday and are closed on Public Holidays and Weekends. Listed below are the official office locations.

Financial Complex
The Carenage, St. George’s
Tel: (473) 440 5571
Payment of Marriage License Fee
Prime Minister’s Office
6th Floor, Ministerial Complex
Botanical Gardens, St. George’s
Tel: (473) 443 4688
Marriage License Application
Registry General’s Office
Ground Floor, Ministerial Complex
Botanical Gardens, St. George’s
Tel: (473) 440 2649
Collection of the Certified Marriage Certificate

Stamps needed to accompany official documents, maybe purchased from any post office locations, which are also open from 8 am to 4 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Grenada Postal Corporation
Burns Point, St. George’s
Tel: (473) 440-2526

Tourism Office Information

The Grenada Board of Tourism

PO Box 293

St. George’s, Grenada

Tel: 473 440-2279

Fax: 473 440-6637


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Climate Information (When is the Best Time to Travel)

Grenada’s climate is hot with temperatures averaging 85 degrees F. The rainy season is June to November and averages rain 22 days a month. January – April considered dry months still receive rain about 12 days a month. Hurricane season is June to November.

Map of Grenada

Local Attractions & Must Do’s

Fort Fredrick was built in 1700’s and gives a great view of the harbor. Grand Etang Crater Lake is an extinct volcano. The lake grows many things like groves of bananas cocoa, and nutmeg. Annandale Falles is a waterfall that is surrounded by foliage.

Most Popular Hotels

Bel air Plantation Villa Resort – is a 4 star resort featuring 18 tropical acres of ground, located 3 miles from the airport. There is a small secluded beach, water sports, waterfront gardens and a water’s edge restaurant.

True Blue Bay Resort – is located on the south coast of Grenada. Facilities offer a marina, two swimming pools, free kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing trips boat fuel and on site restaurants.

The Flamboyant Hotel and Villa – is four miles from the center of town and three miles from the airport. There is a swimming pool, game room parties, buffets, crab racing. Rooms give a view of St. George’s town and harbor.

Calabash Hotel is a five star hotel located on 19 acres with 30 suites arranged in a horseshoe shape. The resort is intimate, private, and offers a variety of activities on land and sea.

La Source Beach Resort is a four star hotel that is all inclusive. It is located on Pink Gin Beach and is surrounded by 40 acres of tropical gardens. It is located five minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from the center of St. George.   There are 100 rooms from ocean view to luxury.