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Dominica – General Overview

Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, Dominica is the most mountainous and largest of the leeward islands. There is plentiful vegetation and a thriving tropical forest. The northern part hosts white sandy beaches and the remainder of the coast is dryer and has grey sand. Turtle bay where the turtles come to lay their eggs. Dominica is known for its hospitality and welcoming spirit. Nature has provided much to see in Dominica like waterfalls, and boiling volcanic pools, beaches of black and golden sands, along with mountain streams and rivers.

Most Popular Beaches

Prince Rupert’s Bay beach is where “Pirates of the Caribbean” was filmed. Champagne and Soufriere Beaches have hot springs! There are several shops and loads of beautiful fish. On Soufriere Beach there is a historical Catholic Church right on the water. Pointe Baptiste is a white sand beach and a black sand beach. It was once home to pirates, and now is a vacationer’s paradise.

Traveler Facts

Travel & Transportation

Melville Hall Airport is the older of two airports that service Dominica The other is Canefield and is located 3 miles north of Roseau. There are no direct non stop flights from Europe or USA because the airports are too small for jets. There is a $14 departure tax.

There are two main ports – Woodbridge Bay and Prince Rupert Bay.

Cruise ships stop at Woodbridge Bay. There are island hopping ferry services that connect with Guadeloupe, St. Lucia and Martinique on a 300 seat catamaran. There are taxis available but look for the uniformed drivers as they are trained. There is car hire and you must be between 25 and 64 and have 2 years driving experience to apply for a local permit at the cost of $12. Sightseeing is best by jeep and minibus tours.

Entry Requirements

Passports are required for re-entry to the US. Visas are not required for US, British, and Canadian citizens for stays up to 6 months.

Languages Spoken / official language – The official language is English. The national language is Creole French and is spoken by most of the population.

Currency – The official currency is the East Caribbean Dollar (EC) and 1 EC equals 2.67 USD. The US dollar is accepted everywhere but the euro is not.

Taxes & Tipping - There is a 15% value added tax (10% on accommodation. Most restaurants charge a 10% service charge to the final bill. If the service charge is not included then traveler should tip 10-15%.

Porters and bellhops receive $1 per bag and taxi drivers that help with bags should be tipped accordingly. Tips for the taxi driver are generally not required.

Electricity – The electrical system is 220-240 volts, 50 cycles. Some hotels have 110 but travelers would be wise to bring adapters along.

Immunizations Health Issues -  There are no required vaccines for entry to Dominica. However it is recommended that Hepatitis A and B be taken and if traveling to rural areas a typhoid vaccine is recommended.

Dominica Marriage License & Wedding Requirements Information

At least one member of the party must be in Dominica for a minimum of two (2) days prior to the ceremony.

Birth Certificates and passports are required.

Completed application form ‘G’ must be signed by both parties and witnessed by a magistrate.

Each party must sign a completed declaration form before a Commissioner of Oaths. $5.00 postage stamp must be affixed to each form and marital status form.

If married before, decree of divorce or death certificate of former spouse must be produced.

A license fee of $300.00 must be paid on submission of above-listed documents.

Application form is obtainable from Ministry of Community Development & Women Affairs. The form must be returned to the same Ministry duly signed, witnessed and accompanied by the requested proof of identity and marital status.

After processing the application a marriage license is issued by the Ministry of Community Development.

This license must be presented to the Registrar at the time of the marriage ceremony.


Cost of Marriage License EC$300.00 to be paid to the Ministry of Community Development.

Marriages with the Registrar’s Office – EC $30.00

Marriages celebrated outside the Registrar’s Offices will cost EC $100.00 plus a reasonable transportation fee.

Lawyers fee for statuary declaration on marital status (inclusive of Affidavit) – EC $500.00

Church Weddings
**Roman Catholic
Must fulfill Government’s requirements.

Must have documentation from respective Parish Priest indicating that appropriate preparation courses have been followed

Must visit the Parish Priest in Dominica who may offer counseling.
Cost of church wedding - EC $150.00
Must seek permission from the Government.
Must publish bans and purchase marriage license.
Must attend counseling sessions, normally three sessions.
Registrars Offices

The registrar’s office should be contacted for specific rules regarding planning your destination or beach wedding in Dominica. They will also provide information regarding marriage licenses and marriage certificates.

Ministry of Community Development & Women Affairs

Government Headquarter


Tel: 767 448 2401

Tourism Office Information

Main web site
Main office
Dominica Tourist Board
P.O Box 293, Roseau
Commonwealth Of Dominica
Telephone: +1 (767) 448-2045
Fax: +1 (767) 448-5840

Other Dominica Related Websites

Climate Information (When is the Best Time to Travel)

Dominica rarely gets below 85 degrees F on the coast. The mountains are cooler especially during the rainy season July to October. February to May is the best travel time. April is the driest month and August is the wettest. Dominica is a tropical humid marine and is privy to hurricanes from July to November.

Map of Dominica

Local Attractions & Must Do’s

Spiders in Loubiere (2 miles south of Roseau) is a little bar where your transported back in time. Beer is cheap and pies are $1.25. Music, conversation and lively debates take center stage.

The Chemin Letang Trail. This trail connects the eastern coast to the capital Roseau. There are wonderful views and many areas that motored vehicles cant get through.

Emerald Pool. This is a short walk into the rainforest to the center of the island. The water is swimmable but cold. This site has been featured in many movies and is a favorite place to be married.

Most Popular Hotels

Calibishie Lodges – A remote getaway from it all lodge with all the creature comforts of a large resort. Rooms will accommodate four guests and have a private shower or bath. The grounds have an exotic garden and are located 100 meters from the sea.

Beau Rive – An adult only hotel situated on a hillside on three acres of tropical gardens. There are 8 double rooms and each has a view of the ocean. There is a roof terrace bar and dining room. The facility has a pool but no beach access as the terrain is too rugged. There is beach access 1 ½ miles away.

Anchorage Hotel – This hotel is home of the whale watching and dive center and is situated over the Caribbean Sea just south of the capital Roseau. There are 32 rooms, a full service restaurant, and a pool. Twelve rooms overlook the pool, and 20 rooms are over the Sea with north and south views.

Jungle Bay Resort – has 35 luxury cottages that are elevated on wooden posts overlooking the ocean. This is an ideal setting for honeymooners that enjoy outdoor activities in barefoot luxury.

Evergreen Hotel – is a sea front inn on the west coast just south of the capital of Dominica. It is described as petite and charming with sunset views and 16 rooms. There is a honeymoon hut with a package and private sun decks. There is scuba diving, whale watching, cruises, day tours, and horseback riding available.