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Do it Yourself Beach Wedding


A DIY beach wedding gives you the romance and beauty of a beach location, with the added attraction that every detail will reflect your own personality and tastes. Your guests will truly appreciate all the time and trouble you took to create the perfect day to share with them, and a DIY beach wedding won’t break the bank either.

Extensive planning is the key to success and a little research will turn up everything you need to know for your DIY beach wedding. Fashion a list of what you’d like to include, and then begin looking for ways to create each aspect yourself.

Begin by choosing a location as this will help determine your budget. If your ceremony will be in a distant place, remember that your DIY beach wedding items, such as decorations and out of town gift bags, will have to be either taken with you on the plane or created once you arrive.

Once you’ve chosen your date and the location for your DIY beach wedding, it’s time to make the invitations and save the date cards. These can easily be created on the computer, with software you find online, and then printed onto nice card stock.

Two creative and fun ideas for your save the dates are either a boarding pass or passport save the date. The first can be made by simply saving an old boarding pass to a PDF file and then editing it with imaging editor software. Add your names, the date and location of your wedding, and a link to your wedding website for more information. Blank passport-like booklets can be purchased on line and will hold more detailed information than a boarding pass save the date.

Your out of town gift bags are easily made for a DIY beach wedding. Purchase canvas tote bags with something like a hibiscus with your monograms or "Welcome to Jamaica" painted on them and fill with items to help your guests get around, such as local maps, tourist guides so they can explore on their own and perhaps a local trinket or two. Local food is always a good choice, too.

Imagine creating your own wedding stunning bouquets from exotic orchids or other local blooms. Flowers purchased at your destination will add a glamorous air to you DIY beach wedding and beautiful bouquets are easily made by gathering the stems together and tying gently with a pretty ribbon.

Decorations for a DIY beach wedding can be simple. Why not create your own stunning centerpieces using shells, candles and local flowers? Or Chinese Paper Lanters. You don't even have to have a roof, some strings hanging between trees could do the trick.

Favors for your guests don’t have to be complicated either. Just have some ribbon printed up in advance with your names and the date, then scour local gift shops for something simple like a candle holder with a beach scene hand painted on it. Tie your ribbon around it, and you’ve personalized a gift for your guests.

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days in your life and you want to be able to relax and enjoy it. In a DIY beach wedding, all the details will be left up to you, so the key is to plan well and research every aspect before even sending out the invitations.