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Getting Married in Cancun - Guide to Beach Weddings in Cancun

Considered by many as the “Caribbean jewel of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula,” it’s no wonder that so many couples choose Cancúnas their wedding and honeymoon destination. 

The inviting beaches practically guarantee an unforgettable ceremony for any couple. Bride and grooms-to-be can become man and wife while barefoot on the white sandy beaches just as the sun sets.

Cancún’s warm and tropical tempatures are appealing year-round, not only to newlyweds but for anyone wishing for an ultimate vacation getaway. With such a variety of activities - Volleyball, parasailing, snorkeling, wave-runners or just a relaxing day in a hammock - Cancún has it all and it’s your choice and easily available along the many miles of incredible beaches.

As you start planning the rest of your lives together, start planning your perfect Cancún wedding!

Most Popular Cancun Beaches

NORTH SIDE BEACHES  or the Hotel Zone to Punta Cancún.  These are excellent beaches for water sports and swimmers.  The waters are calm, the beaches are clean and there are nice hotels too.  The docks from which the Cruises, shuttles, and water taxis, etc. depart for Isla Mujeres are located on the north beach side.

Playa Las Perlas – Located at the beginning of the Hotel Zone.  It’s a good place for swimming, relaxing and varied water sports.  You can also get the shuttle to Isla Mujeres here.  There are restaurants and bars located along the coast here as well.

Playa Linda – Located in the Hotel Zone.  Dive tours, the Submarine and shuttle to Isla Mujeres are located here.

Playa Langosta and Playa Tortugas –Both located in the Hotel Zone.  Swimming, water sports, restaurants and bars are located along this clean beach.  There is also a dock with shuttles to Isla Mujeres and dive/snorkel tours.

Playa Caracol – Located near Punta Cancún.  This is a great beach for children because of the shallow, flat sandy seabed.  It’s also one of the most crowded beaches along the strip.  There are restaurants, bars and numerous activities here.

EAST SIDE BEACHES - The Cancún coast includes both an "ocean side" and a "lagoon side".  By far the majority of the hotels front onto the ocean. There isn't any beach to speak of on the lagoon side.  General beach conditions here are the same as northern beaches.  The sand is course/powder and kept clean of ocean debris. Unlike the northern tip which is somewhat sheltered by Isla Mujeres this strip of coast-line is protected by nothing.  This means that the winds and currents come roaring up and produce very wavy conditions some of the time.

Gaviota Azul, San Miguelito and Playa Marlín – All good for relaxing, swimming and water sports.

Playa Ballenas - A very popular beach in Cancún.  Good for relaxing, swimming and water sports.  There are bars and restaurants.

Traveler Facts

Travel & Transportation - Cancún International Airport is Mexico's second busiest airport.  It’s about six miles from the hotel strip and nine miles southwest of downtown. 

One of Cancun's best features is its transport links, as most major air carriers in North, Central, and South America, have service to Cancun. There are some extremely cheap charter flight deals available from the UK (from around £100) as well as commercial flight deals from several European carriers.

There is also a first class bus service from the airport to both the ADO bus station in Cancún and to the one in Playa del Carmen.  If you are going to Puerto Morelos, you can arrange being dropped at the appropriate intersection on the way to Playa.

Cancún 's bus station is located downtown on the corner of Uxmal Avenue and Tulum Avenue. Destinations served by bus include all attractions and towns along the coast (the Riviera Maya: Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Xel-Ha, etc.), and most destinations up to Mexico City.

Getting Around - Cancún is very easy to navigate.  To the South is the airport, to the North is the city and in between on the stretch of land between the sea and the Nichupte lagoon are all the hotels, beaches and bars: the hotel zone or Zona Hotelera. Downtown is where most residents live and it stretches in on the mainland behind the lagoon.

Bus is the preferred way of getting around in Cancún.  Buses are cheap and come frequently.  Most bus drivers are very courteous and will stop for you even if you are not waiting at a bus stop.  After paying the fare, which is on a per person basis, the driver will hand you a ticket/receipt which are usually printed with advertisements.  Just so there are no surprises, do not expect buses to be have amenities such as air conditioning and seat cushions.  Also, most bus drivers speak enough English just to help people visitors get around.

Taxis are plentiful in Cancún, a bit expensive for the hotel zone and airport, but cheap in the downtown.

Entry Requirements - Traveling to Cancún, México doesn’t require a passport only an official ID.  However, passports are required for all U.S. citizens traveling to or from the United States regardless of destination. If you are not a citizen of the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, or most Western European countries, you will need to have a visa.  

Visitors must carry a Mexican tourist permit (tourist card) while in Cancún, which is issued at the time of arrival at immigration.  This permit must be given back to immigration officials on departure.

Languages Spoken / Official language – The official language of Cancun is Spanish.

Currency – The official currency of Cancun is the Mexican Peso.

Tipping - When tipping in Cancún for service, the average tip for servers is between 10 – 15 percent, depending on the service.  In Cancún, All-Inclusive hotel/resorts rooms are assigned to staff thus you will probably have the same housekeeper for your entire stay except for their day off. You can either tip every day or at the end of your stay. If you bring gifts then you can leave a present on the bed every day and a cash tip on the last day.  You can either leave your tip on a table or hand it directly to the person. Tipping rates for housekeeping staff:

1 day stay: $5.00 USD
2 - 4 days stay: $2.00 USD per day
1 week stay: $20.00 USD

Restaurant staff tends to be assigned tables or sections but are moved around a lot so you may have the same waiter for two days then never see them again. Tip according to the service they provide.

Bellboys and skycaps at the airport can expect anywhere from $.50 to $1.00 USD per bag. 

Taxes – There is a sales tax of 15 percent in Cancún.  The tax applies to the purchase of most items and is paid by residents and visitors alike. Often this tax is hidden in the total cost of restaurant bills, store purchases, and tours.

Electricity - 120V 60 Hz
2 parallel flat prongs - "American" type

Immunizations - Health Concerns –  It’s highly recommended that you buy bottled water during your visit to Cancún.  Bottled water, depending on size, typically costs 30 - 50 pesos ($2.77-$4.62 USD). Otherwise, do not drink the water unless your hotel has a water purification system.  Most of the resorts in Cancún have purified water at all of the facilities located inside the resorts including the bars and restaurants.  The upper-scale restaurants usually have purified water as well, but the water outside of these areas is not safe to drink. If you’re in Cancún and your travel plans will take you to more than one country during a single trip, be sure to let your health-care provider know so that you can receive the appropriate vaccinations and information for all of your destinations. 

Cancun Marriage Requirements, Licenses & Wedding Information

Cancún has always been a popular romantic honeymoon destination. Now, weddings are much more popular and most major hotels will be happy to arrange your wedding.  Many hotels have a wedding coordinator on-site or can even refer you to a local company who make marriage arrangements. 

The legal requirements for marriage in Cancún are:

  •  Certified copies of birth certificates or valid passports.
  • Blood tests taken within 15 days of the wedding date.
  • Tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STD), including HIV.
  • A copy of both tourist cards received at immigration.
  • Four witnesses.
  • For previous marriages, you will need to show a divorce decree or certified copy of the ex-spouse's death certificate.
  • Bride and Groom must arrive to Cancun at least three working days prior to the wedding ceremony to meet with the wedding coordinator and submit all documents.

 For more information Visit Cancún.


Tourism Office Information Cancun Tourism Office

General tourist information available
Calle Pecari #23, SM 20
Cancun, Q. Roo, Mexico 77500
Tel: (9) 881-9000 * Fax: (9) 881-9020

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Climate Information & Best Time to Travel

The temperature of Cancún is warm and tropical, moderated by the marine breeze which circulates through its avenues.  The temperatures are typically between 78 and 96 degrees Farenheit all year round.  During winter nortes (northerly storms) temperature drops sharply.  In the course of a single day, the weather in Cancún can turn from bright sunshine to dark and stormy and back again.  It's not uncommon to look out one window and see sunshine, while rain is falling on the opposite side.  Sun showers and rainbows are frequent throughout the year, but especially during the summer rainy season.  Many weather sites on the Internet will routinely report rain every day and this causes undue alarm among future vacationers.  The tropical storm season lasts from May to December; large hurricanes are rare but have struck near to Cancún in recent years.  Ocean breezes temper the heat and humidity, however this effect is lost the further inland ones goes.

High & Low Season for travel - The peak tourist seasons in Cancún are during December and during the mid-Summer, with brief surges during the week before Easter and surges during Spring break at many of the beach resort sites which are popular with vacationing college students from the U.S.


Map of Cancun

Map of Cancún, & Hotel Map of Cancun

Local Attractions & Must Do’s

Cancún’s nightlife is unlike any other destination on Earth!  For some, a day in Cancúndoesn't start until after an 11 a.m. breakfast, nap on the beach and siesta are arduously completed.  This is your place to shine.

Be sure to check out Carlos and Charlie's, Coronaville and Coco Bongo. Don't be surprised to find yourself dancing in a conga line, laughing your cares away and speaking whatever español you managed to pickup.  A must for the first timers, and always good fun for returners also.  Señor Frogs is another destination you need to add to your Cancún nightlife “to do list.”  A restaurant by day and a dance club by night, it’s one of the most popular spots for vacationers to visit.  The restaurant opens up for lunch serves international types of food such as pasta, chicken and pizza as well as Mexican cuisine all day until midnight.  A cover charge of $5.00 USD will get you into the party after 8 p.m. and includes a souvenir yard glass that you can then pay to get filled with your drink of choice.  One of Señor Frogs famous attractions is the water slide that leads from the club out into the lagoon, just for a little bit of fun!

For some deeper nightlife in Cancún, the City, O Ultra Lounge and Daddy'O are excellent.  The City is a huge venue and gets top entertainers and DJs. Don't be surprised to see Vegas-like shows spontaneously erupt while you are sipping your piña colada.  O' Ultra Lounge is a very sleek NYC type club and can take some time getting in and out of, but has had some great acts like "Infected Mushroom" rock the crowd till the wee hours. While in Cancún also visit some of the clubs on Yaxchilan Avenue, located in downtown Cancun, where all the locals hang out.  Try the live music bar Los 4 Elementos inside Hotel Xbalamque (Av. Yaxchilan 31).  They play live music from 9 p.m. till the last customer leaves!  The music is great and prices are significantly lower than those found in the hotel zone clubs.  Some other clubs worth visiting in Yaxchilan Avenue are La Taberna, 77 Sports Bar and El Pabilo Cafe. {Source – Wikitravel}

The beaches are one of Cancún’s most famous attractions, and everyone seems to enjoy the endless activities that abound on almost every beach. Volleyball, parasailing, snorkeling, wave-runners or just a relaxing day in a hammock, it is you’re choice and all easily available all along the many miles of incredible beaches. Because of the International flavor of Cancún’s visitors, you will hear many different languages spoken on the beaches of Cancún, more often perhaps, than at any other beach resort in the world.

Most Popular Cancun Hotels

Cancun gives you a choice of many All-Inclusives or European Plan Hotels.  

 A few of our favorite European Plan:

Ritz-Carlton -Cancún is an exclusive resort considered one of the most luxurious in the world.  Indulgent amenities such as the impressive Culinary Center, the luxurious Kayantá Spa, the new Cliff Drysdale Tennis Center and award winning restaurants come together to create an irresistible oasis of enchantment. Wedding Packages are available and you can contact the hotel here.

JW Marriott Cancún Resort & Spa offers luxurious Mexico vacations that are truly unforgettable.  As one of the most exquisite hotels in Cancún, the 448 guest rooms are opulently furnished with 32-inch flat-panel LCD televisions, Marriott's sumptuous Revive Bedding, and private balconies with stunning views of Cancún's white sand beaches and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.  Rated one of the top spas in Mexico, its exclusive Mayan-inspired spa features 35,000 sq. ft. of spiritual revitalization.  And, with two world-class restaurants, a comprehensive business center equipped with over 20,000 sq. ft. of meeting space, and the stunning beauty of the Mexican Caribbean at your feet, the JW Marriott Cancún Resort is undoubtedly an extraordinary Mexican getaway. The hotel does not offer standard wedding packages but if you know what you want can give you a quote.

Paraiso de la Bonita Resort is an intimate and elegant destination located on a private beach just a few miles south of Cancun.  This resort features luxury suites nestled landscaped gardens and lush mangrove.  Each suite is furnished with antiques that have been collected from around the world and each private terrace faces the ocean. This beautiful Riviera Mayan luxury resort also offers fine dining in a variety of restaurants and has a 24,000-square-foot luxury spa. This resort is Adults Only.  General Wedding information can be found on their site.

Maroma Resort & Spa is considered on the best beaches and spas in the world.   Truely upscale and luxury at it's finest. The hotel is on a secluded and private beach about 20 minutes South of Cancun. With only 65 guest rooms the personal service and attention is second  Wedding prices start around $2,300 and the current price list can be downloaded here.

Our Favorite All-Inclusives (remember they plan the wedding for you!)

Cancun Palace has been a favorite for active guests and now the completely renovated resort sparkles with all the brilliance of its white sand beach. With rooms that face the Caribbean Sea and the Nichupte Lagoon, this hotel is just a short walk to Cancun’s famous Hotel Zone.  Cancun Palace has everything you need: new facilities and amenities have been carefully balanced to create an exclusive waterfront ambiance in this vacation enclave.  Cancun Palance offers great wedding packages to meet any buguet.

Dreams Cancun, located on a pristine beach, has been named one of the Top 10 Best Hotels in Mexico. Dreams is located at the tip of the hotel zone in a unique location that almost complete surrounds it with the Caribbean Sea. See hotel # 40 on the map above. Wedding Packages start at just $796 and can go as high as $2,500 for up to 20 guests.

If you want luxury, the Moon Palace has it to offer. What newlywed couple doesn't want a Jacuzzi built for two in your room. The Moon Palace' opulence and exotic surroundings create the perfect setting for a beach wedding. The Moon Palace offers free basic wedding packages and several others with more options to choose from. Endless daily activities, great golfing and full spa facilities make this a top choice. You are offered exchange privileges at select Palace Resorts so you can visit around for some fun.

The Riu Cancun Hotel is RIU’s all inclusive resort with an unmatched location right in the heart of Cancun’s hotel zone. Located on a stunning beachfront property with unparalleled views of the Caribbean Sea, this Mexico vacation offers the perfect combination of beauty, convenience and luxury. Their 2008 Wedding Information is available here.

Experience the vacation of a lifetime at the Riu Palace Las Americas in Cancun, Mexico. The Hotel Riu Palace Las Americas spectacular beachfront Cancun resort is located on a dazzling stretch of white sandy beach framed by tropical trees and crystal clear turquoise waters. They offer Wedding Packages for any budget.