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Do I need a Beach Wedding Planner?

Unless you are having your beach wedding at an all-inclusive resort, you will likely need a wedding planner. You can hire one in your area or use a locally based planner who specializes in destination weddings. If your wedding is at an all-inclusive resort, a wedding planner usually isn’t necessary because the resort will offer this service as part of their wedding packages.

Why Would Anyone Use A Wedding Planner?
There are lots of reasons you may want to consider a wedding planner. In your mother’s days or even the times of your grandmother, wedding planners were reserved for well to do parents of brides. In modern times, brides are older, more established in their careers (hence much busier), and brides and grooms are more financially stable than their younger counterparts of decades past. These are probably the main reasons that wedding planners are now viewed as a requirement not a luxury.

But I’m Not Having A Traditional Wedding
When planning a beach wedding either at a far away destination or close to home, there's just as much need for a wedding planner. In fact, sometimes there’s more need for one because of the logistics of planning a far away destination wedding are more complicated -- from legalities to ensuring the guests have activities to do that suit their interests, a wedding planner can help. Finding the right florist, booking a local band (if you're having live music), arranging for vendors who will supply other services such as the very important wedding cake are all great tasks for your wedding planner to handle.

If you're getting married on the sand, there are several details to take care of including making sure your decorations and flowers don’t blow away and that your wedding cake survives until the cake cutting ceremony. A wedding planner takes care of much more than logistics like these, though. A wedding planner lends artistic vision to help make your wedding dreams come true. From attire for you, your groom, and the entire wedding party to your hair, your bouquet, and all of the other little details, a wedding planner can make sure your wedding looks and feels just right. A wedding planner also manages the wedding budget.

Besides these tasks, a wedding planner also often serves as a sounding board and a soother of frayed nerves. If you are stressed on your wedding day, a good wedding planner will know just what to say to ease your tension.

Last but not least, a wedding planner makes multitasking seem like the easiest thing in the world, coordinating your wedding plans with vendors, budgets, you and your groom's wishes, and bringing it all together for you so that your wedding day is perfect.

Now, how can you live without all that? Many brides can't. For one thing, as mentioned briefly above, brides today don't have the time freedom to plan that their mother's who were apt to be much younger brides did. The need for a wedding planner also is one of those cases where you can live without something until you find out what you are missing!

Can I Afford A Wedding Planner?
How much does all of this cost? Typically a wedding planner is paid 10 to 15 percent of the total cost of the wedding. The more expensive the wedding, the more complex it likely is, and so it only make sense that the wedding planner be compensated for the effort.

Locating The Right Help
You can easily find wedding planners online. Since you are planning a destination wedding, it won't matter if the wedding planner is based in the same town you live because the wedding planner will be working with the venues and such in the destination area of your wedding. The planner can communicate with you and your wedding party by phone and email, and then meet you at the wedding locations.

Either way you look at it, if your beach wedding isn't at an all-inclusive resort, you need to hire a wedding planner. Be sure to find one who is also a beach wedding planner because the experience of planning beach weddings with their unique logistics will be invaluable.