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Wedding Insurance for a Beach Wedding

It’s the day of your wedding. Everything is ready: your hair looks great, your dress is perfect, the bridesmaids are all present and accounted for. Your beautiful outdoor wedding is going to be wonderful. Then you hear thunder. Rain starts pouring out of a sky that was blue five minutes ago. What do you do?

When planning a wedding, couples think about where they want to get married, who they’ll invite, and for the bride, the biggest decision: what is the dress going to look like. An area that is often overlooked, though, is wedding insurance. Wedding insurance is so important and covers a range of potential problems. Your wedding day should be perfect; wedding insurance will help take some of the stress out of planning your wedding, and should something go wrong on your big day, you’re covered.

Typical Coverage

A basic wedding insurance package usually covers problems relating to the ceremony or reception sites, vendors, weather, sickness or injury, and also if the bride or groom needs to leave for job or military reasons. For example, wedding insurance could come in handy if planned a beautiful beach wedding but a sudden storm makes both your wedding and reception sites inaccessible. With wedding insurance, you can postpone your wedding and receive the money you lost from invitations, the cake, catering, clothing, and deposits you put down on florists, musicians, ministers, and more. Postponing your wedding could be a huge letdown, but at least you can plan another beautiful wedding without incurring the cost of two weddings.

Typical wedding insurance policies, though, don’t cover everything. What happens if you are having a destination wedding and you arrive but your dress doesn’t? Or your rings don’t make it? You can purchase supplemental insurance to cover damage or loss of clothing, rings, video or photographs, as well as liability insurance. You can even get insurance in case your gifts are stolen. Any possible complication is covered by wedding insurance. A typical policy costs between $150 and $500. Since the average wedding costs about $27,000, this can be a great way to protect your investment.

Do you really need wedding insurance? If you are having a low-key affair, you may not. If the wedding, for example, is a simple beach affair with only very close friends and family, you may feel perfectly comfortable without insurance. If your wedding is larger, or more expensive, though, wedding insurance is definitely a great idea. Why risk losing thousands of dollars because of a storm, missed flights or lost dresses when you can insure them for only a few hundred dollars? And the peace of mind insurance can give you is easily worth that.

Wedding insurance is particularly important if you are planning a destination wedding for several guests. Few things are as romantic as getting married on a beach at sunrise surrounded not only by the beautiful scenery, but your closest friends as well. Wedding insurance can make this dream a reality. If the groom’s tuxedo and those of his groomsmen are lost at the airport, you can rent or purchase new ones. Hold on the receipt, and then file a claim with your insurance company. The cost will be reimbursed to you. This is applicable to the attire of the wedding party, rings, and other important things. The same is true for vendors or limo drivers who don’t show up, gifts that are stolen, and more. Some insurance companies will even pay to restage the whole wedding if your photographs are damaged.

When you are planning your wedding, take a little time to look into wedding insurance. There are different levels of coverage and cost, but it is worth it to protect the most important day in your life. So many things can go wrong on your wedding day; wedding insurance lets you focus only on what goes right.

The best sources for wedding insurance are: Travel Guard, Wed Safe and Protect My Wedding.  To insure your trip see our Beach Wedding Travel Planning resources.