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Wedding Website - A Must for a Destination Wedding

For the beach or destination wedding, a wedding website is a must. When coordinating travel and helping your guests navigate a new and possibly foreign country, a website designed especially for your wedding can promote good communication between you and your guests and acts as a gathering point for all the important news related to your big day. Wedding websites are easy to do and just require a little planning. Read our Wedding Website Review to find the options you are looking for and to compare prices. 

There are many options for wedding websites, but you should have a basic site launched with the date and your names, at least, to hand out with the Save the Date cards. Online RSVP features can be added and are very handy to have ready as soon as possible also.

Your options on the cost of a wedding website range from basic and free to multi-paged and fancy, costing over $100 a year. Even the free sites allow for variation in themes and features. Simply check out the offerings on different sites to determine how much you’ll have to pay for the elements you want. Many sites allow you to visit other member’s wedding websites to gather ideas.

A wedding website can be made personal and special with photos or perhaps a story about the bride and groom. Did your groom put his proposal on the score board at Dodger Stadium? Were you childhood best buddies? Your guests would love to know these touching stories and see the photos.

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Variation in the wedding website theme is one of the basic features offered by any hosting site. Try to match the theme with the theme of your wedding. For instance, for a beach wedding, think the tropics or the islands. You can further personalize your wedding site with background music, audio and video and even offer your guests the interactive option of leaving comments or asking questions.

Many wedding websites also offer a central planning center for the bride. Find useful links to help you find the perfect everything for your wedding from invitations to gowns and accessories, honeymoons and all types of other supplies. Easily keep track of your guest list, invitations, RSVP’s and thank you notes.

Your guests will thank you for creating a comprehensive wedding website to give them a gathering spot for all relevant information on dates, online RSVP’s, listings of gift registries, links to make travel arrangements, local weather and maybe a local tourism site so they can become familiar with the destination. If your wedding destination is out of the country, provide links to currency and passport information, local transportation and time zone.

Some functional features that will make your wedding website much easier to navigate in the long run include password protection, the ability to rename pages, a personal control panel, unlimited updates and unlimited support.

Purely fun features might include polls and quizzes, a countdown to the big day or visitor counter.

Planning a wedding is only slightly less complicated than planning a presidential inauguration but a wedding website offers the nervous and harried bride-to-be a valuable tool to keep it all together so she can end up calm and serene on the big day.

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