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Beach Wedding Local Traditions Give Special Meaning to Your Special Day

Including enchanting beach wedding local traditions in your destination wedding will make your ceremony unique and memorable. Since you’re traveling to a glamorous and interesting place, local traditions add a delightful touch for both you and their guests.

Local traditions are easy to incorporate into your beach wedding. Small accents, such as a native flower or regional drink or dish, could be added to the wedding or reception. Write a few words of your vows in the local language. Tropical regional dishes or music lend themselves to an exotic wedding. Play the region’s music at your reception and learn some jazzy local dances.

Beach wedding local traditions for Jamaica might include spicy cuisine on your dinner menu, like zesty jerk chicken, curry shrimp or mouth-watering sweet cassava pudding. A special dark rum fruitcake is a local Jamaican wedding tradition. The remainder of the cake is sliced at the end of the reception and mailed to loved ones who were unable to attend.

In Puerto Rico, the Priest often blesses a plate full of coins representing good luck and prosperity and presents them to the groom. The groom then gives the coins to the bride as a present after their vows are exchanged. In another local Puerto Rican tradition, a doll, covered in little charms and dressed in similar fashion to the bride, is placed at the bride and groom’s table at the reception. The doll charms are given as gifts to the wedding guests.

In Bermuda a local wedding tradition for good luck is to walk under a moon gate after your ceremony. Signifying prosperity, the groom’s cake is topped with a gold leaf, while a silver leaf tops the bride’s cake. A small cedar sapling is another way to top the cake. This sapling is later replanted to signify the growth of the new couple’s love.

In the Bahamas, local wedding traditions will have your guests dancing the night away to steel drums. Local cuisine in the Bahamas includes traditional dishes such as rock lobster, conch fritters, or souse, which is a soup unique to the Caribbean. Delectable West Indian rum cake will serve as a terrific wedding cake and bring the true taste of the Bahamas to all your guests.

Cuban wedding receptions are well-known for their dancing and dynamic music. The money dance is a local tradition where each male guest dances with the bride and pins money to her dress.

Beach wedding local traditions in Belize include the bride waltzing or dancing down the aisle.

The dollar dance is also a local Mexican wedding tradition. In Mexican weddings, too, an ornamental rope, or loose lasso in the shape of eight and signifying infinity, is often placed around the bride and groom when they take their vows.

Whether it’s exotic cuisine, lively music or colorful dancing, incorporating beach wedding local traditions is one of the best ways to create captivating memories of your special day that will last for years to come.