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Beach Wedding Ceremony Planning

In the excitement of planning a beach wedding, many focus on the location and then start planning their beach wedding ceremony. However, it's a good idea to plan these together, especially if your beach wedding planning involves a resort destination. Resorts don't offer as many choices as you might ordinarily have, so it's important to check with them as you plan to ensure the ceremony you and your fiancé are dreaming of will be accommodated.

When planning your ceremony, consider the time of day you want to exchange to vows. If your wedding is to be right on the beach, there's no better than time than morning. As every photographer knows, morning light makes for the best shots.

In the morning, the beach is typically at its quietest as most beach goers come later in the day after it warms up. Morning also carries the symbolism of a new beginning. Sunset is also a favorite time for wedding simply because there's nothing much more romantic than a gorgeous sunset over the water. Sunset and morning both have the advantage of cooler weather. Even in the informal attire that most wear at beach weddings, the afternoon sun on a beach can seem pretty hot to anyone not in a swimsuit.

Weather is another important considering for beach wedding ceremony planning. While you can't control the weather, you can consider weather patterns for your top choices of locations before setting the date. You could even choose a location that typically gets little rain during any time of the year such as the dry Kohala Coast on the island of Hawaii. Even desert-like areas get storms from time to time, sometimes unexpectedly, so its good to have a contingency plan. This plan could mean that you have an indoor venue available or an outdoor location with cover reserved.

Beach wedding ceremony planning will also include some music selection. Some couples like to have soft instrumental music playing in the background during the ceremony. One or two guitar players could provide this, and the natural acoustical music would be very fitting for a beach wedding. If you're planning a beach wedding in the Caribbean or with a Caribbean theme, a calypso band would be fun, especially for the reception. The type of music you have depends on your preferences and budget. If considering a band, make sure to check on any possible restrictions on our wedding party size. Recorded music is another option. Should you want a recording, though, remember to have the sound system checked in advance.

Decorations are also an essential part of your ceremony. When planning your decorative scheme, keep in mind that the beach can be very breezy and that anything that hasn’t been secured can end up in the water. You have several decorative options for your beach wedding. Most couples include native flowers just as with traditional wedding. Other decorations may support a theme. Search carefully for decorations that fit both with your theme and with your location.

Last but not least, a very important part of your beach wedding ceremony planning will be your wedding vows. If you and your fiancé are writing your own, be sure to plan for enough time to do so, and if you aren't writing your own, you may want to check with the officiator to see how they are written. Some officiators allow for changes in the wording.

You may find that there is more than you thought to beach wedding ceremony planning, but once you get started, you may also be surprised at how well it goes. A beach wedding is unique and so calls for a bit different planning than a traditional wedding, but it also one of the most fun and romantic weddings.